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Save money use Less Energy



Posted on 15 February, 2013 at 0:30
Everybody wants to save some cash on utility bills and home repairs. ..Here's a way to do that. There are three major keys to understanding how this can be accomplished. Learn how air circulates through your home and how to control it. 
Find out if you have electric flowing back into the ground (backfeeding). You might think you understand this, but really, most of don't understand how easily energy gets lost.  It is literally finds a way to escape or changes temperature faster than you can imagine.  Learn about how much water is wasted in our homes.Take 15 minutes and read this book and you will learn how to make your home a better place to live saving hundreds of dollars a year on utility bills like electric,water and gas.  If you want to really get to business enjoying your home... upload version or hard copy of House and Home   This is a way to say thanks for writing a great blog!
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Here's a preface statement to give you a taste of what's inside. 
In order to make a house your home, we all go through a mental process. Whether we realize it or not, our intentions are to secure a place for peace and safety. We plan out “our space” but that doesn't really register until we understand the purpose of each room. Some rooms have multiple functions and possibly many components that make it up.
You will appreciate a house more if you get involved personally and take steps to improve it. A house becomes “your” home when you depend on it for more than just a roof over your head. It literally houses the air we breath! Hopefully the suggestions I offer in the book will help you make your house a better place to live. I will use simple illustrations and make suggestions for remodel, repair and/or maintenance. You will see a check box next at the end section of ideas, so you can add up the cost at the end of each page and calculate a time to start. Finishing each project correctly won't happen unless you make a plan to start it properly. Remodeling a house includes many finishing details like painting-even the correct lighting bears a important part of your homes overall usefulness. When it's done, you find a good place for all your treasures. Hopefully you will share your dreams with friends and loved ones and make good use of your home.

Categories: Save energy and reduce cost