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Save money use Less Energy


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Become a successful Handyman or service Tech

Posted on 5 July, 2022 at 0:10 Comments comments (34)

Ok guys and gals,

God gives us all gifts...we are born with certain skill sets...some of us like to fix things..we just get it! Is that you...awesome God called you to help people.  that is your talent.  Use it for God and be blessed with money and prestige. Otherwise, you will just end up making people mad.

If your serious about taking your skills to the neighborhood and beyond you will need to follow a game plan...

MOTIVATION is NOT enough to succeed.  You w...

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Benefit from E-commerce and Make your House a better Home

Posted on 2 February, 2018 at 10:52 Comments comments (167)

If you live on planet earth and use cell phone you've either heard about or use social media feeds like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many others that are changing the way people interact.

If you enjoy my BLOG post you might as well dive into my E-COMMERCE store and see if there is anything you like.  Send me a request of things you want and I will look for way to get it at a discount
Click on Picture to see Mattress Stores specials


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What does it take to install a simple central air system?

Posted on 25 April, 2017 at 22:57 Comments comments (314)
Air conditioning is something most people take for granted until it's broken.

If your a new home buyer, you will be faced with replacing a component or the entire system at some point in time. It's expensive equipment.  I sell 13 and 14 SEER equipment all the time.  The higher the SEER Rating the better the equipment is built to save energy.

So why do Air conditioning tech's charge so much? If we truly love our jobs and want to help people  stay happy shouldn't it be less expensive? 

Air conditioning is complex.  It requires a lot of thought and expertise to even put a system together correctly.

Here I am preparing to Braze copper tubing to a evaporator in a basement.  Try working with a 2,000 degree torch in one hand while applying molten alloys around in a circular pipe for a while.

This is the part on the inside.

Here is a simple oxygen and acetylene torch set used to join copper pipes together or cut metal. This cost about $400 plus filling gas bottles.  You have to buy brazing rods, safety equipment and find a gas supplier to exchange your empty bottles.

It's serious business- brazing pipes. If your not careful you melt the copper and pieces of molten metal fall on the floor and you will have a hole in the pipe. Tech's are hired to work the copper tubing and fill it with refrigerant, not destroy the copper.  This would be a problem!

These gases have to be stored in a safe location.  The gas coming out of the tanks has to be mixed by the operator in just the right proportion to get the flame at the correct temperature and pressure.
It's takes some practice.

Once the copper tubes have all the right fittings, they are brazed or silver soldered together.. The technician has to use Nitrogen to pressurize the system at around 300-400 psi and look for leaks.  If I find one, I have to get the torch out again or tighten a fitting that I overlooked.  It happens if your not super careful.

The nitrogen is used for a few things other than just pressure test.  We use it while we braze to keep oxidation out of the system.  We have to keep a lot of this around.

The gauges used to check pressure inside of the system are able to withstand 500 psig!  This is a lot of pressure, but on  hot July summer day, the gases get under that much pressure if there is a problem, so we have to be prepared.

If the needle doesn't move while the technician puts in the nitrogen we can move on to the evacuation process.

If it does move, we have to find the leak and repair it.

So if the pressure holds, we release the nitrogen back into the atmosphere.  It's not a dangerous gas.

Here,  I put the evacuation pump, which a powerful tool designed to pull air out of the system to use. I have removed condensables from the complete copper tubing system.

When the air is removed it creates a vacuum.  In a vacuum, water boils at a much lower temperature.  As the evacuation process is underway, we watch steam rise out of the baffle on the pump.  Here we see the micron gauge telling me that the system is down to 231 microns per cubic inch.  This is good because refrigeration and water don't mix.  Ice crystals inside your copper tubing would be called condensables and they make trouble...the system will freeze up and I mean quickly.

At some point the system will be ready for refrigerant .  So the tech plans to release the refrigerant stored inside the condensor and start it up.  Using special allen wrenches the King valves are opened and the gas is released into the fresh copper's in a vacuum, so it rushes through quickly!

Inside the house, wiring passes through the thermostat on the wall.  We can turn the system on cool and if the wiring has been hook up correctly the condensor fan will turn on using electronic ignition via a magnetic coil. The compressor kicks on and wallaa!

There is 24 volts to pull the contacts together.  this voltage is supplied by the furnace to or air handler.  The 220 volts required to turn the compressor is on a disconnect.  This is 220 volts AC and it is dangerous.  You have to be trained to work with high voltage or you can get shocked really easily.

Once the levels are checked with the gauges the technician  has to figure out if the pressure are correct for that given day. If the system isn't in the correct parameters the refrigerant level has to be modified.  This is a science too.  To much gas and the system bogs down and possibly damage the compressor. Too little and the evaporator will freeze up due to an incomplete cycle. Super heat or Sub cooling is the science techs learn to work with in school. There are others ways using temperature and air speed.  This requires some good math skills and some specialized tools.  I'm happy using the super heat and sub cooling methods.

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Making A neglected House a Home

Posted on 27 March, 2017 at 15:00 Comments comments (271)
How many times have we considered calling the power company because the bill was just way too high? How many of us have invested in new windows or insulated our home to keep it comfortable all year round?  Did it solve the problem?  My approach to high price utility bills is practical.  Get someone over who will take off the panel and find out which circuits are pulling the most "JUICE" power and determine why. You might have an issue no one ever suspected, but you bought the home "AS-IS" so it's your baby.
Here is my PDF book that you will download for $5.00 dollars that shows you lots of things around homes that waste money and a bunch of ideas to fix up a house.   If your serious about making a home comfortable and economical click here  I've done this for 15 years and my experience is worth the $5.00

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Using a cell phone to control indoor air quality, temperature and humidity

Posted on 27 March, 2017 at 14:20 Comments comments (335)
Lot's of people have upgraded to the new SMART thermostats like the NEST, allowing us to monitor and control our furnace or heat pump remotely.  This technology helps us save natural resources. FYI:  If you sign up with HomeServe USA, a national warranty company that I work for, you may quality for a FREE NEST thermostat! I install them and will answer your questions.They retail for around $275 at Lowe's. It takes a few hours to get it installed and programmed. By the way, if you research these you will find that some units fail to keep the battery charged and the furnace will shut down! I have figured out how to avoid this from happening.  The fastest solution is to connect the common wire on the board to the thermostat.  The real problem can be the modem is "pinging" the thermostat causing the battery to drain. Be patient, this thing "talks" to your modem and requires programming to fit your schedule.
 How many of us realize that keeping the humidity level in our home around 40% will keep our skin moist/ softer and help us feel warmer. You will love how cozy your house will feel with one of these.  It's true..too much humidity can result in windows fogging up with condensate or water dropplets forming on the window panes at dew point- cold outside  and warm inside.  You will have to figure out what works best at your home.  The local hvac distributors have other remarkable devices like the April Air with IAQ.. has a wireless system that allows us to communicate with the humidistat on the furnace with our cell phone. I have yet to install this device. Who wants to be first?  www.thehvacguy,org
The REME HALO is a probably my favorite of all the accessories that you can add to a forced air heating and cooling system.  This device produces air-born peroxide that kills viruses that make us sick.  With this device running you stand a much better chance not catching the germs from other family members living in your house. Peroxide mist in the air ducts kills a lot of bad germs-even some deadly viruses  It also destroys bacteria that makes odor. What a great invention!   I install it for under $700. Call me and I will get you one.

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Managing your energy cost effectively

Posted on 15 January, 2016 at 11:33 Comments comments (331)
When it comes to saving money on energy we know the government has been involved, but they are really just behind the people who are building new appliances to advance technology.  It's not a bad idea, but it's all about making money and boosting the economy. You probably have seen the yellow stickers on your appliances and the marketing about " going GREEN."
When it comes to really saving money on energy you have to consider doing doing a little homework on your home.  Have you already upgraded your insulation? How about  properly sealing all your windows and doors?This is the 1st place to start, then we go one step further.

You have to evaluate the way you heat your water and your home.

Start with the water heater.  If it's gas fired, what do you set the temperature at?  From the factory it will be set between 125 and 135 degrees fahrenheit. That should be adequate.
If your have an electric hot water tank consider the following recommendations.  
a. install a 240 volt water heater timer and set it to run twice a day for 2 hrs.  This will cut down the time the elements operate while still keeping your water hot.  You can save up to $50 dollars a month depending on the amount of water you use p/day.

If you use water sporadically you may have to add one more setting to your timer to keep up with demand.

If you take a look at my chart on my website you will see the amount of money you can save.

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Financing Home Improvements (HVAC)

Posted on 6 January, 2015 at 13:31 Comments comments (144)
Hello, it's David-Is it time for a home improvement loan?

Here is the link to AMS financial Services in South Carolina.

As a contractor, I am frequently in homes that need a new furnace or in a home that recently had one installed.  Why do some people buy a new heating/cooling system every ten years and others wait until there old ones is 20, 30 years old...or DEAD?

The answer for some is making a big investment in your home always pays off when you want to sell quickly!  Others make changes because it makes sense to be energy efficient and energy wise.

For those who are happy with a safe/dry place to rest, clean water and ample food, an energy efficient heating and cooling system might rate lower on the list of priorities. Wait a minute now! think of reducing stress-Everyone under your roof will notice how much better they feel breathing the air in your house. Poor indoor air quality doesn't have to be a way of life anymore! You could actually wake up feeling better because a new system keeps the humidity and temperature just right for you no matter what's happening outside or even in the room next to you.  If you have allergies, the new filters trap particles that tend to make your life miserable. No one wants a  stuffy head in the morning~
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Rate your heating system from 1-10

Posted on 11 December, 2014 at 15:15 Comments comments (197)
Will my home stay warm all winter is a great question!
Poor                 ok                     Good              Excellent
  1     2       3       4      5       6       7         8             9            10     
If you where to rate your heating system from 1-10 what would you say?

If you afraid to turn on your heat because it cost too much, it might not be the heater effeciency...what about your insulation, windows and doors?   If your furnace is 15 yrs old and only serviced when it quits working then you might need a new one anyway.  Don't put it off...just find someone who has the tools to tell you if it's worth replacing.  Ask when is the break even point?  You have to compare K/watt use and gas consumption over time vs BTU and EFU rating over time.
Weather you on electric, gas  or another form of heat like wood or corn pellet, you have to do some regular maintenance.  Don't put off calling a local hvac guy to your home.  Things like partially clogged condensate lines don't show up until the furnace is under STRESS.

A thorough inspection and cleaning is good and if you have a high effeciency furnace, you might even need your hvac guy to use his combustion analyzer.  See if your really getting 95% effeciency!  If you bought a car that is suppose to 30mpg and you where only getting 20mpg you would want to know why?
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Creating a dry storage environment

Posted on 8 July, 2014 at 12:56 Comments comments (479)

Is your basement damp? Would you like to store boxes in your basement, but you know the paper will become damp and eventually mildew?
Would you like to store dry goods on your basement shelves, but your concerned they will spoil.
Dave's Solution
You can either build or buy one of these WAVE units. We call my version "Dave's Wave Unit". It's really nothing fancy but it will make your basement dry and it does it automatically!

As most of you are probably aware, the biggest enemy in our homes is cold, damp air, which rust out metal and can lead to mildew and mold.  I have seen the mold fungus that just eats it way through about anything made of wood or paper. It can destroy the joists and support rafters under older homes
If we inhale the spores that travel through the air long enough it can lead to some very bad lung problems.  If the amount of spores in the air has reached a toxic level, we feel tired and sluggish within a few minutes.

What I want to talk about, is how to remove the cold, damp air out of your home.  In the mid-west where I live, basements are very common.  If you live in a dry climate, you probably don't have any of these problems, so you don't have to consider a solution.

However if you do have a basement or crawl space, there is a often a simple solution when you have a damp basement.  There are companies that repair wet basements and they have a system that does exactly what you can do for yourself-with the help of a licensed HVAC person.

I will build you a pre-assembled dehumidifier you can simply install it same way you would any dryer vent. If you would rather have a technician do this, call your local handyman. This is not new science.  I simply followed instructions to come up with an effective way to remove moisture and force it back outside.  There are a few parts that are hard to come by, because you need an account with a hvac company to get a humidistat. You need to rig up some kind of filter as well or you will have to clean the fan regularly.

 Dave's Wave machine being assembled.  This simple, but effective device will remove the moisture out of your basement.  I build them to suit the space required. This units case is constructed out of simple materials such as plywood as you see here. What makes the unit work automatically is the humidistat ( this is not available in retail stores). I just installed on for a family, so if you want some feedback give me a call or email us at [email protected]

This unit can be mailed to you fully assembled. It's small enough to fit in top of a shopping cart (where a kid usually sits).  When it arrives just attach the vent hoses and follow the instructions I provide. I will guide you through the set up instructions.  I test each of these before they leave. Warranty...if there is ever a problem, just call 419 937-6964 and we will help you get it fixed.
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Do you need a furnace check up?

Posted on 8 February, 2014 at 15:29 Comments comments (199)
You may have wondered if you need to have your furnace checked   for wear and tear and for possible issues.   You might be concerned that your local heating and air company  is just "milking you".  Being on a regular maintenance plan is highly recommended and gives you peace of mind. If you have an older furnace, it's critical to get a carbon monoxide test yearly. Most furnaces have a ten year warranty, so as unit ages, they can develop stress cracks inside the primary or secondary heat exchanger.

If you suffer from headaches working at home, it might not be just the paperwork getting to you!

There are a lot of parts that work together inside a furnace. Safety switches, relays, sensors, motors, pumps and rubber tubes were air &  water travel should  work perfectly every time your furnace operates.  Some parts are mechanical and If a part is getting weak, the furnace may fire, but it will probably fail when you are depending on it the most.  It will cost a lot to fix it when it's freezing cold and possibly 5 am! 

Be sure that you have a decent filter at the furnace and even before the ductwork returns.  You will feel better knowing your furnace is working at its' best.

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